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Actrice reageert verbolgen op seksistische filmrecensie

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Lola Kirke heeft een rekening te vereffenen met filmrecensent Anthony Lane. In een review voor The New Yorker van Kirkes nieuwste film Gemini gaf Lane commentaar op het uiterlijk van de actrice. Hij noemde haar “te grote jeansbroek, grijs topje en kinderachtig kapsel allesbehalve flatterend”. Kirke reageerde verbolgen op Instagram.

I wonder what Anthony Lane would have considered a more “flattering” get up for a female character. Perhaps tighter jeans so my ass would get some more screen time? Maybe a push up bra paired with a low cut blouse would have secured my place in the canon of heroines who succeed against all odds without letting you forget both their youth and fertility? As for the hair, it seems the cut exceeds the designated dose of quirk we accept from women on screen. Dear Anthony Lane, my costume was no oversight, it was intentional—however the desired effect was not to make me appear unsightly—rather, it was to show you that a woman is powerful and beautiful in the big jeans and baggy gray tops you so abhor. Media is king—and the ideals put forth by an emblem of intellectual culture like #thenewyorker—are going to be internalized to some degree by the people who read them. It will be of great detriment to our society to have a class of forward thinking human beings reifying outdated standards of beauty. I have learned to take the opinions of others—particularly those belonging to the media—with a few thousand grains of salt. Still I can’t help but feel disappointed when a publication like @newyorkermag allows such glib commentary about women’s appearances to be published. In this heated moment of vibrant discussion surrounding women’s bodies, liberal journalism needs to be adding an entirely different voice to this conversation.

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Kirke richt zich rechtstreeks tot Lane en zegt: “De bedoeling van mijn outfit was niet om mij onaantrekkelijk te maken, maar om te tonen dat een vrouw sterk en mooi kan zijn zelfs in de te grote jeansbroeken en grijze topjes waar jij zo’n hekel aan hebt.”

Kirke is gewoon de mening van de media te relativeren, maar is toch teleurgesteld in The New Yorker. “Nu de discussie rond vrouwenlichamen zo levendig is, zouden journalisten een andere toon mogen aanslaan over dit onderwerp.”

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